Australasian Plant Pathology Society
Plant Health is Earth's Wealth
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  Procedures for the nomination of APPS awards    
  Eminent Members of APPS  
  Prof Neville H White (1906 - 1991)  Honorary Member 1982  
  Dr Dorothy Shaw MBE  (1920 - 2007)  Honorary Member 1987  
  Dr John (Jack) Simmonds MBE (1901-1992) Honorary Member 1992  
  Dr Gretna Weste AM  (1917 - 2006)  Honorary Member 1994  
  Dr Bob Dodman  Honorary Member 1995  
  Prof Allen Kerr AO, FAA, FRS.  Fellow 1995 
  Dr Ken Pegg AM Fellow 1995  
  Dr Graham Stirling  Honorary Member 1999  
  Prof Lester Burgess  Fellow 1999  
Prof John Irwin  Fellow 1999
  Dr John F Brown  Fellow 1999  
  Dr Helen Ogle  Honorary Member 2003  
  Dr Ron Close  Honorary Member 2003  
  Dr Graham Stirling  Fellow 2003  
  Dr Roger Jones  Fellow 2003  
  Dr Ric Cother  Honorary Member 2005  
  Prof John Randles  Fellow 2005  
  Dr Joe Kochman  Fellow 2007  
  Prof Bob McIntosh  Fellow 2009  
  Prof Chris Hayward  Fellow 2009  
  Prof Brian Deverall  Fellow 2009  
  Prof Richard Falloon  Fellow 2009  
  Dr Ross Beever (1946 - 2010)  Fellow 2009 
  Prof David Guest Fellow 2011 
  Prof Eileen Scott Fellow 2011 
  Prof Alison Stewart NZM Fellow 2011 
  Dr Ian Harvey Honorary Member 2011 
  Dr Gordon Purss Honorary Member 2011 
  Dr Robert Magarey Distinguished Service Award 2013 
  Prof Mark Sutherland Fellow 2013 
  A/Prof Philip Keane Fellow 2013 
  A/Prof Michael Pearson Fellow 2013 
  Dr Peter Williamson Distinguished Service Award 2013 
  Prof John Thompson Fellow 2015 
  Prof Giles Hardy Fellow 2015 
  Dr Colin Wellings Fellow 2015 
  Prof Barbara Howlett Fellow 2015 
  Dr Phil O'Brien Distinguished Service Award 2015 
  Dr Len Tesoriero Lester Burgess Award 2015 
  Prof Mike Wingfield APS Fellow 2008 
Dr Ruth Kerruish AM Order of Australia Medal 2008
  Dr Glen Kile AM Order of Australia Medal 2012  
  Dr Peter Merriman PSM Public Service Medal