Fremantle 2015 Presentations
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  Able, Amanda The Pyrenophora tere f. teres secretome: Role of virulence-associated proteins during net blotch disease of barley
Genetic basis of sensitivity of barley to toxins produced by the net blotch pathogen Pyrenophora teres f. teres
How does Plant Pathology fit?
  Aftab, Mohammad Beet western yellows virus: high infection in south-eastern Australia
  Beed, Fen Principals to sustain crop producticity and quality
  Begum, Farhana Host preferences of Pratylenchus quasitereoides - a new challenge in soil-root battlefield
  Bhuiyan, M.A.H.B Histopathology of S. tanaceti infected pyrethrum seeds and seedlings
  Bradshaw, Rosie Transcriptome of the foliar forest pathogen Dothistroma septosporum
  Blaesing, Doris The plant health RD&E investment plan for the Australian vegetable industry
  Brar, Simren Population structure and infection biology of Phytophthora pluvialis
  Burgess, Lester Fusarium Fujikuroi associated with bakanae disease of rice in Southern Laos Getting to the root of the problem: Rhizoctonia solani in Chapasak, Lao PDR
  Chapman, Alex Utilising Citizen Science to monitor Corymbia calophylla (Marri) Canker incidence and severity
  Czislowski, Elizabeth Use of next-generation sequencing to identify pathogenicity genes in Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense
  de Silva, Dilani Unravelling the taxonomy of the Colletotrichum species causing anthracnose in chili in Australia and SE Asia
  Dharjono, Varadina Efficacy of soil amendment to control verticillium wilt disease
  Fosu-Nyarko, John Application of biotechnology for nematode control in crop plants
  Goh, Carmen Early defence responses in Elaeis guineensis lignin biosynthesis pathway during pathogenesis of Ganoderma boninense
  Gomez, Apollo Control of foliar diseases in Australian strawberry runner nurseries
  Graham, Jim Injection-infiltration of attached grapefruit with Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri to evaluate seasonal population dynamics in citrus canker lesions
  Gunasinghe, Niroshini Application of seedling bioassay technique for screening resistance to white leaf spot disease
  Gyeltshen, Jamba Application of nanotechnology
  Hardy, Giles From 'then to now' - Phytophthora science and management in Western Australia
  Herewini, Echo Screening Kauri for resistance to Phytophthora agathidicida
  Hopkins, Anna Spore trapping methods for the early detection of new invasive forest pathogens
  Huberli, Daniel Yield loss to Fusarium crown rot: Is there a better choice among wheat and barley varieties?
  Iqbal, Sadia RNA silencing of RNAi effectors reduces root-knot nematode infection
  Ireland, Kylie Plant pathology & IDM in Laos Predicting high-impact pests and pathogens of plants
  Islam, Tohidul Resistance-related responses in model and native plant species infected with Phytophtora cinnamomi
  Jayasena, Kith Interaction of fungicide and genetic resistance for the management of barley leaf rust Understanding the new barley leaf rust pathotype 5457 P - in Western Australia  
  Kanatiwela-de Silva, Chamini Phylogenetic relationships and population diversity of commonly found phytoplasma strains in Sri Lanka
  Kant, Pragya Bacterial blight in field pea
  Kim, Hyo-Suk Application of quantitative precipitation (QPM) model to improve spatial resolutionof plant disease forecast models
  Knight, Noel The crown rot 'deadhead' phenomenon in durum wheat
  Li, Yupin Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) seed lustre and country of origin can be indicators of resistance to Pythium hypocotyl disease
  Lichtenzveig, Judith Managing on-farm biosecurity risk through pre-emptive breeding: rust of pulses
  Lindow, Steven Linking microbial ecology with plant pathology to achieve disease control and increase plant productivity
  Lock, Julia Novel green manure: Control of specific replant disease on the roots of rosaceous ornamental tree Sorbus aucuparia
  Lomavatu, Mereia Fong Postharvest diseases of mango in Figi
  Mahmood, Yasir Molecular and pathogenic structure of the current Australian Ascohchyta rabiei population
  Maina, Solomon Wind spread of plant viral pathogens in Northern Australia
  Massenbauer, Tilo Project Dieback - Dieback Information Delivery and Management System DIDMS
  Metcalf, Dean Biological control for Botrytis cinerea and Monilinia laxa in cherries
  Miles, Andrew Persistence of fungicide efficacy on mandarin fruit - a case study in the future of chemical control? Seasonality of Phyllosticta spp. in citrus leaf litter
  Mudge, Agnieszka Analysis of EguCAD1, an oil palm lignin biosynthesis homologue
  Mundy, Dion Physiology of Sauvignon blanc vines, with and without Grapevine leafroll-associate virus 3
  Ozturk, Ibrahim Kutay Secondary metabolome of the forest pathogen Dothistroma septosporum
  Paap, Trudy Corymbia calophylla (marri) canker disease incidence at the temporal and landscape level
  Paynter, Michelle Genetic variation among Australian isolates of Fusarium oxysporum from strawberry
  Pearson, Mike The effects of a novel Chrysovirus on asexual and sexual spore production of Aspergillus spp
  Pegg, Geoffrey Myrtle rust, impacts on Myrtaceous diversity in Australia
  Perez, Carlos Genetic resistance of Eucalyptus clones to Ceratocystis fimbriata s.l. Teretosphaeria pseudoeucalypti, recently detected and seroiusly damaging red gum eucalypts in Uruguay  
  Petrovic, Kristina Characterization of Diaporthe species complex on soybean
  Rahman, Sharmin Neuronal signalling molecules as targets for green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) control via RNA interference
  Ray, Jane Diagnosing rice grassy stunt virus in Indonesia using RT-LAMP assays
  Roach, Rebecca Improved detection and identification of Xanthomonads causing Bacterial Leaf Spot in Australia
  Roper, Margaret Suppression of Fusarium crown rot in wheat by endophytic actinobacteria
  Sapsford, Sarah Marri and canker disease
  Scarlett, Kelly Efficacy of chlorine, chlorine dioxide and UV radiation against plant pathogens in irrigation water
  Scott, Eileen Research Supervision: what can APPS contribute?
  Shafi, Amna Variation between isolates of Neofusicoccum species in pathogenicity and sporulation on grapevine shoots
  Shankar, Manisha Pyramiding yellow spot resistance loci into fixed lines results in genetic gain
  Sigel, Luise A modified method for Pyrenophora teres f. maculata spore production
  Smith, Grant Multi-locus genome screening of Candidatus Liberibacter solanancearum samples indicates limited genetic diversity of the invasive bacterium within New Zealand
  Sparks, Adam Mapping rice diseases for targeted deployment of resistant varieties in India
  Thatcher, Louise High Coverage in planta RNA sequencing identifies Fusarium oxysporum effectors and Medicago truncatula resistance mechanisms
  Thompson, John How root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) affects wheat growth and reduces grain yield
  Tran, Hieu Sy Pea breeding for resistant against black spot disease - the two currently identified challenges
  Tran, Nga Sexual reproduction of Phyllosticta citricarpa, the causal agent of citrus black spot
  Valmonte, Gardette Can plants tell you if they are infected with virus? - a molecular approach
  van den Brink, Roy Measuring plant response to virus infection and water stress
  Walter, Monika Rain splash of fungal spores in tree canopies
  Wenham, Kylie Host range of Neocosmospora species causing root rot of legumes in Australia Investigating the pathogenicity of neocosmospora species on germinating chickpea seedlings under controlled conditions
  Wilkinson, Carla Are Western Australia's horticultural crops susceptible to southern sting nematode (Ibipora lolii)?
  Wingfield, Brenda Unisexual mating in Huntiellamoniliformis
  Wingfield, Mike Uromycladium acaciae, the cause of a sudden, sever disease epidemic on Acacia mearnsii in South Africa
  Wright, Dominie Holey moley Grainman (Batman)! What's that?
  Wylie, Steve South-west Australia: a global hotspot of virus diversity?
  Young, Carolyn Fungi impacting forage production: fungal friend and fungal foe
  Yu Pei, Tan Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Australian Bipolaris isolates reveal new taxa
  Zheng, Linda High incidence of cereal viruses in Victorian crops
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