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  Plant Protection
All books will open in “IBooks” and can be easily read as a book on an iPad. They can also be read using an equivalent android app.

The books are quite large and may take several minutes to download. Each book is bookmarked to allow quick and easy access to the different sections.

Print versions of the books are available from Queensland Textbook Warehouse (QTW) Tel 1800 611 300 (07) 3261 1300 web   

  Plant Protection 1: Pests, Diseases and Weeds 
(48mb PDF) by Ruth Kerruish and Phillip Unger
  Plant Protection 2: Control Methods and their Management 
(16mb PDF) by
Ruth Kerruish
  Plant protection 3: Selected Ornamentals, Fruit and Vegetables 
(45mb PDF)
by Ruth Kerruish
  Plant Protection 4: How to Diagnose Plant Problems 
(14mb PDF)
by Ruth Kerruish