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  Allen Kerr Postgraduate Prize  

The Allen Kerr Postgraduate Prize commemorates the significant contribution to research in plant pathology made by Professor Allen Kerr AO, recipient of the inaugural Australia Prize. The award is made at the APPS biennial conference and is open to postgraduate student members of APPS undertaking original research relevant to Australasia.

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Call for Nominations

Nominations for this prestigious Award are called 3 months prior to a conference.


Rules for Nomination:

A. The prize will be awarded by the Society for the best piece of original research relevant to Australasia by a postgraduate student in the field of plant pathology. The prize will normally be awarded on the basis of publication in a refereed journal(s).

B. Only candidates who are financial members of the Society at the time of nomination will be eligible for the award.

C. Candidates must have completed the research not more than five years previous to the closing date for nominations. The same piece of work cannot be considered twice for the award.

D. The prize shall be known as the Australasian Plant Pathology Society's Allen Kerr Postgraduate Prize in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by Allen Kerr AO to the field of plant pathology.

E. The prize shall consist of a medal inscribed with the name of the recipient, a certificate, and $500 cash.

F. Presentation of the prize shall take place at an APPS Biennial conference.

G. While attendance at the conference is desirable, it is not obligatory for award of the prize.

H. Candidates will normally be nominated by a supervisor, but non-supervisors may nominate candidates. Nominators should however be members of APPS. Candidates may not nominate themselves.

I. Nominations must be submitted on an official nomination form. Four copies of this form, together with four copies of published material must be submitted to the APPS Awards Committee.  Email

J. Nominations will be assessed by a panel of 3 or 4 judges appointed biennially by the APPS Management Committee, after consultation with the organising committee of the Biennial conference. There should be no conflict of interest between judges and the nominees. Additional expert opinions may be solicited by the panel to help them reach a decision. The Management Committee retains the right to appoint an ex officio member to the judging panel. This member will be in addition to the appointed judges.

K. The decision of the judging panel is final and appeals will not be considered unless it can be demonstrated to the APPS Management Committee that correct procedures were not followed.

L. The Management Committee has the right to refuse to grant a prize if the judging panel advises that the work of the nominees is not of sufficiently high standard to justify the granting of a prize.

M. Nominations will close 16 weeks prior to the beginning of the biennial conference.