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APPS Management Committee: 2021 - 2023    (Contact the Management)
President : Dr Andrew Geering, The University of Queensland.  
Past President: Dr Robin MacDiarmid, Plant & Food Research, New Zealand.
Vice President: Dr Niloofar Vaghefi, The University of Melbourne.
Executive Secretary: Mrs Jenny Cobon,  Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
Treasurer: Dr Andre Drenth, The University of Queensland.
President Elect: Dr Grant Smith, Plant and Food, New Zealand.

Previous Committees
Past Executives, Secretariats, Conference Locations and Presidential Addressess

APPS Secretariat 2021 - 2023: (Contact the Secretariat)
Secretary: Dr Peter Williamson  
Business Manager:
Dr Peter Williamson    
Web Manager:
Dr Peter Williamson    
Region Coordinator: Dr Monica Kehoe

APPS Editors:
Executive Editor: Dr Philip O'Brien 
Editor in Chief AuPP:
Dr Philip O'Brien  
Editor in Chief APDN: Dr Dagmar Hanold 
Editor APPS Newsletter: Dr Kylie Ireland
Editor POTM & TOTM: Megan Blake 

Editorial Board Members (Australasian Plant Pathology and Australasian Plant Disease Notes)
  APP and APDN

APPS Regional Councillors:
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Advancing Plant Pathology Australia Fund Trustees:
Chair: Dr Rebecca Ford 
Dr Cheryl McRae
Dr Peter Merriman  

Awards Sub Committee:
Membership of this Committee is by invitation: Eligible members are previous awardees. 

The committee membership is:  
Chair: Prof Eileen Scott, University of Adelaide , 2019-2021.
Dr Rachel Mann, retires 2021
A/Prof Collin Wellings, retires 2021     

The terms of reference are:
1. Solicit and review nominations for Awards of the Society, and recipients of the Allen Kerr Prize
2. Review other matters relating to awards given by the Society.
3. Issue medals and certificates for awards.
Procedures for the nomination of APPS awards

International Society for Plant Pathology Councillors:
Dr Rob Magarey (Australia)
Dr Robin Macdiarmid (New Zealand)

Other Information:

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