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Attempts to co-ordinate plant pathology throughout Australia can be traced as far back as the conferences on rust in wheat held in Melbourne in 1890, Sydney in 1891, Adelaide in 1892, Brisbane in 1894 and Melbourne in 1896. These meetings were also a most significant step in establishing Australian plant pathology on the world scene.

In New Zealand, the pioneer of plant pathology was Gordon Herriot Cunningham. In 1928 he lead a team of four mycologists at the new Plant Research Station. By 1935 the team had increased to eight scientists. The Plant Diseases Division was formed in 1935 and was responsible for plant pathology, entomology and pomology, with Cunningham as Director.

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APPS Past Executives and Locations
APPS Conferences
Earlier Conferences APPS
First Newsletter and First Journal
Foundation Members of the Society
History of the APPS Website

History of APPS Publications

Dr Bob Dodman a Foundation Member of the Society and Editor-in-Chief of Australasian Plant Pathology from 1988 to 1998 has prepared a Trilogy on the History of Australasian Plant Pathology Society publications.  

They are entitled History of Australasian Plant Pathology, History of APPS News and History of Australasian Plant Disease Notes (this corresponds with the chronology of the release of each publication).  

As explained in the History of Australasian Plant Pathology, the first Society publication in 1972 was titled Australian Plant Pathology Society Newsletter. Articles published in this Newsletter could not be cited as they were not peer reviewed. This situation changed in June 1978 when the Newsletter became Australasian Plant Pathology and items submitted were processed by an Editorial Panel as in all other scientific journals. Issues of the Newsletter published between March 1972 and June 1978 may be found on the Springer website. APPS News followed on from APP in 1992 and Australasian Plant Disease Notes commenced in 2006.

History of Australasian Plant Pathology
History of APPS Newsletter
History of Australasian Plant Disease Notes

History of Plant Pathology in Australasia
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Plant and Soil Nematology in Australia and New Zealand during the period 1975 to 2008
Encyclopedia of Australian Science
Disaster knocking at the door – the ongoing battle against plant disease in Australia.
Encyclopedia of New Zealand
Early Newspaper Clippings
Early Newspaper Reports in TROVE
History of Smut Fungi in Australia

Early Pathologists
Frederick Bailey 1827 - 1915
Joseph Bancroft 1836 - 1894
Flora Martin 1845 - 1923
Daniel McAlpine 1849 - 1932
Henry Tryon 1856 - 1943
Walter Mervyn Carne 1885 - 1952
Walter Waterhouse 1887 - 1969
Ethel MacLennan 1891 - 1983
Jack Simmonds 1901 - 1992
Rupert Best 1903 - 1991
Lilian Fraser 1908 - 1987
Neville White 1906 - 1991
Olga May Goss 1916 - 1994
Gretna Weste 1916 - 2006
Dorothy Shaw 1920 - 2007

Early Photographs
Early Photographs of Plant Pathology in Australasia
Walter Lawry Waterhouse Collection
Early Photographs from PNG

History of Plant Pathology in Japan
History of Plant Pathology

Exotic Plant Pathogens in Japan

History of Other Societies
American Phytopathology Society
British Society for Plant Pathology
Indian Phytopathological Society
International Society for Plant Pathology
Peruvian Association for Phytopathology

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