Historical Records of APPS

APPS Presidents and Title of Presidential Address
1969-1971 N.T. Flentje Cocoa dieback disease
1971-1973 R. H. Taylor Plant pathology in the era of relevant research
1973-1974 G. S. Purss A personal philosophy for research in plant pathology
1974-1975 L.L. Stubbs The need for greater awareness of the importance of plant diseases
1975-1976 G. Evans The role and responsibility of the plant pathologist in plant quarantine
1976-1978 R.C. Close Education for the profession of plant pathology
1978-1980 C.J. Shepherd No address was given
1980-1983 A. Kerr (No presidential address because of International Congress)
1983-1985 D.M. Griffin On the pathology of arborescent plants
1985-1987 K. J. Scott Obligate parasitism
1987-1989 B. J. Deverall Molecular bases of fungal parasitism
1989-1991 R.H. Brown A perspective on plant protection research in the private sector
1991-1993 A. C. Hayward Phytopathogenic prokaryotes
1962-1992 - an Australasian perspective
1993-1995 G.C. MacNish 25 years of root disease – could such a satisfying experience ever happen again?
1995-1997 J.F. Brown Reflections of a traditional plant pathologist
1997-1999 J.W. Randles The ‘pathosphere’, paradigms and enigmatic pathogens
1999-2001 D.I. Guest 2001: an Australasian Science Odyssey
2001-2003 L. Burgess Biosecurity, Trade and Plant Pathology
2003-2005 R. Falloon The plant pathology contribution: collaboration for practical solutions
2005-2007 R Magarey APPS: Stepping into the future. How far can we go?
2007-2009 G. Johnson Shield the Young Harvest from Devouring Blight
2009-2011 C. Mohammed New frontiers in plant pathology for Asia and Oceania
2011-2013 E. Davison Resolving confusions about jarrah dieback - don’t forget the plants.
2013-2015 E. Scott Research supervision: what can APPS contribute?
2015-2017 K. Plummer  



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