Subscription Renewals and Advertising Payments
  Note: These payment forms are for current members or advertising payments only. New members need to apply for membership first.

   Full Membership with APP printed $176.00     Full Membership with APP online $122.00 

   Emeritus Membership with APP printed $88.00     Emeritus Membership with APP online $61.00
    Emeritus Membership with no APP $30.00  

   Student Membership with APP printed $88.00     Student Membership with APP online $61.00  

   Full Concession Membership with APP online $61.00     Student Consession Membership with APP online $44.00 


Credit Card or PayPal through the secure PayPal system.  
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Developing Countries

Payments from developing countries may receive a concession.  You must reside in a country on this list.

Full Membeship with Concession        Student Membership with Concession

Note: You will receive a PayPal receipt following payment. APPS will send a receipt or tax invoice for subscription payments. An APPS receipt/tax invoice can also be downloaded from the member area once payment has been processed. This may take a couple of days.




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