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Note: New members need to apply for membership before making payment. Following completion of the application form you will be returned to the payments page.  Payment must follow application for membership to be processed.

Note: Subscriptions are for calendar years and must be paid before 30 June in that year.  Journal subscriptions are paid to Springer Nature on the 30th June each year. Subscription gives access to all previous issues of Australasian Plant Pathology and Australasian Plant Disease Notes.

Note: Payments can also be made from within the member area.        

Annual Membership Fees have changed since 28-7-2020.  Some options have increased and some significantly decreased.

Full Membership with APP printed $200.00 (for one year)    Full Membership with APP online $199.00 (for two years) Full membership with APP online (for one year) $150.00

Emeritus (Retired) Membership with APP online $99.00 (for two years) Emeritus (Retired) Membership with APP printed $100.00 (for one year) Emeritus (Retired) Membership with no APP $61.00 (for two years)

Student Membership with APP online $61.00 (for 2 years


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   Admin Officers:  Pay multiple member subscriptions using credit card or PayPal  
Multiple Full Memberships
Up to 10 Full Memberships

Developing Countries

Payments from individuals living in developing countries may receive a concession.  This does not include students living in Australia or New Zealand and receiving a scholarship from the host country or subscriptions paid by institutions.  Your address must be for a country on this list and you must reside in that country.  Full member concession $61.00 (for 2 years).  Student member concession $44.00 (for 2 years)

Developing Country List       Full Membership with Concession     Student Membership with Concession

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