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The Australasian Plant Pathology Society covers a very large geographical area. To help with local events the Society is divided into ten regions each with its own Regional Councillor and committee. Each region has a web page containing information about regional activities and events.


Special Interest Groups
The Australasian Plant Pathology Society is associated with a number of independent Special Interest Groups. These groups have been formed for the purpose of the advancement and dissemination of the knowledge of a particular scientific practice area related to plant pathology.

APPS offers support to the Special Interest Groups by providing a start-up loan (for workshops, meetings or conferences), promotion of their events to the APPS community and others via the website, representation of their interests on the APPS management committee through the vice-president of the society and support of APPS members that are early career researchers to attend events (via bursaries).

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Current Interest Groups Include:
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Australasian Soil-borne Diseases >>>
Australasian Association of Nematologists >>>
Pathogen Bioinformatics >>>

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